Coding with EFL

All about how to start coding using the EFL

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Welcome to Coding with EFL

The Enlightenment Foundation Libraries are a powerful suite of libraries that facilitate the creation of rich and responsive applications to be created on a variety of operating systems.

The primary target of the EFL is to create a beautiful linux desktop experience with the Enlightenment desktop environment. The EFL are also used for native app development within the Tizen mobile platform (since version 2.3).

With so many opportunities now powered by EFL (growth in Tizen and of course this is the year of Linux on the desktop) we wanted to help people get up and running on linux development using EFL quicker and easier. So grab a hot cup of coffee, make sure your system is up to date and get dug into your first linux app for desktop or mobile

Developing using the EFL is primarily in plain C so you don't need to learn any new or strange syntaxes. Your favourite editor, terminal or IDE will be suitable for coding (though we do recommend that you check out EDI as the main EFL IDE). It's also possible to write in C++ or Python but most of these tutorials will assume C and a bash shell on Linux.

There's much more content to follow soon, but for now check out the navigation bar at the right... The first tutorial will be getting to know Eo, the EFL object model.